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Psychiatrist claims 'Antidepressants definitely reduce suicide risk'. Where's the eviden

Dr. E Lockhart, Dr. A Blower                                                   

Royal College of Psychiatrists                                                

12 Queen Street (1st Floor),


EH2 1JE.

October 28, 2019

Dear Doctors Lockhart and Blower,

On 27.10.2019 The Herald published an article ‘Surge in children on antidepressants and sedatives’.  In the article, Dr. Aileen Blower, Vice-Chair of the Child and Adult Faculty in Scotland for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, claimed;

Antidepressants ‘definitely reduce suicide risk.’

I believe this statement is not evidence-based, is incorrect and has misled the public on an important matter of public safety. I would be grateful if you would please provide me with the research studies on which Dr. Blower based the statement that antidepressants ‘definitely reduce suicide risk’.

I am considering lodging a formal complaint with the appropriate professional body about Dr. Blower’s misleading the public on a matter of public safety. In keeping with natural justice, however, I would first like to give you the opportunity to publicly retract, explain and apologise for the statement, in The Herald and on the RCPsych website. 

I will await your response for one week before deciding whether to lodge the aforementioned complaint.  Please note that, as this is an urgent matter of public safety, I am making the concerns expressed in this letter public. I may also make public your response.

Yours sincerely,

Beverley Thorpe

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